Al and Diane Mellinger – FMWM Missionaries to Bulgaria
Al & Diane Mellinger are team leaders for the Free Methodist (FMC) work in Bulgaria (also in Serbia & Macedonia).  This involves oversight of – Church Planting, Discipleship, Anti-Trafficking programs, Micro Enterprise opportunities, Business Loans, Community Center development and responsibility for the FMC in Bulgaria.  Currently there are 3 additional missionary families that work with the Mellingers in the Balkan region with the FMC.  More Info

Larry & Katie Winckles  – FMWM Missionaries to Hungary 
Larry and Katie live and work in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Larry serves as the leader of the Budapest church plant, investing much of his time in personal discipleship and Bible studies with new believers and seekers. His ministry has been instrumental in building relationships that have led people to church involvement, and eventually to faith in Christ. She also serves as the Hungary mission treasurer.  More Info

Dan & Hope Owsley - Brazil
The Owsleys have served in Brazil as missionaries since 1988 in four regions of the country.  Since July of 2012 they have served  in the capital city of Brasília, where they are leading a new church. Dan also coordinates and teaches classes in the pastoral formation program and mentors Free Methodist pastors. Hope teaches an occasional theology class and is involved in women’s ministry. She is publishing a book of readings from  John Wesley’s sermons. More Info

Burenza Burundi Africa
JFM has been able to support the village and surrounding area of Burenza with a medical clinic and housing for the nursing staff. This clinic will be able to serve 80,000 people with basic healthcare needs. Before the clinic, people from this region would travel, by foot, up to 18 miles one way for healthcare. This is a wonderful opportunity for our church to love others through the support of global missions. Our hope is not only to meet the medical needs, but spiritual needs of the people as well. Please pray that the clinic will receive the necessary permission to open soon. For more information, please email Diana Nally at

Busoma Feeding Program
BUSOMA means:  BU-Burundi; SO-Soy & Sorghum; MA-Maize (corn)…3 grains roasted and ground into a High Protein Cereal to be fed to malnutritioned children. The Busoma Feeding project is operated in conjunction with ICCM (International Child Care Ministry) and JFM,  feeding at the Burenza Health Clinic.  Malnutritioned children are identified, enrolled in the program, and monitored as they received cooked porridge twice weekly and are sent home with a Kilo of Busoma to sustain them (and family) for the week.  Currently 100 children are in the program.