At the Jackson Free Methodist Church (JFM) we seek to create an atmosphere of excitement for global missions, educating the people of JFM regarding the needs of global missions & stewardship responsibility for funding and creating an avenue for increased involvement in the global mission’s community.

Basic Structure
Global missions at JFM can be divided into three major categories:

  • JFM Global Priorities - A JFM Global Priority is characterized by a long term or even lifetime commitment to a Free Methodist World Missions missionary or country ministry. These commitments are funded by budgeted and allocated mission’s dollars with the intent that it is to be a significant and consistent source of support for these missionaries/ministries. 
  • JFM Global Partnership - A JFM Global Partnership is characterized by a long term (more than one year) financial relationship between JFM and a Free Methodist World Mission’s ministry. JFM Global Partnerships are not included in the JFM operating budget, but instead, are funded through specific missions giving for that partnership.  JFM Global Partnerships would involved regions of the world where we wish to have a consistent impact through VISA teams and special project giving. 
  • JFM Global Projects - A JFM Global Project is characterized as any short term or one time global mission endeavor, whether inside or outside the Free Methodist denomination, which requires JFM resources or funding. JFM Global Projects are not funded through the JFM operating budget, but rather through designated mission’s giving. JFM Global Projects can include everything from short term VISA Mission trips, collection boxes, fundraisers planned by the Go Team, or specific projects planned by individuals in the church.  The JFM Global Outreach Ministry Team will promoted and manage the funding of all JFM Global Projects according to the guidelines in the Fundraising section.