One of the great things about belonging to Jesus (and to a local church) is relationships! We are in this together! We get to cheer each other on in this journey.
Connecting with others to worship, learn, have a blast, serve side by side, go through challenges, and encourage one another is a vital part of experiencing the life of Jesus. It is our great hope that every person will build friendships and connect with their church family.

Everyday disciple… way of life
You will hear this JFM lingo often. We don’t just act churchy or nice on certain days at certain times. No, this love-motivated life is who we are all the time… it is how people who love Jesus live… it is a way of life. Here is how we describe an everyday disciple. (link to page)
We want to fan into flame your love for God and your love for others. We want every person to be fully alive to God… to live in the Spirit. Our groups are some ways to grow in this way of life.

We have a variety of groups. Our desire is that every group will experience Worship, Word, Community, and Compassion – our 4 core values. Below is a brief description of the kinds of groups we have:

Core Essentials (Disciple path): These trimester classes (groups) are designed to give every believer the foundation to live as an everyday disciple. They are: Starting Point; God’s Call On Your Life; Worship, Word, Community, and Compassion As A Way Of Life (offered as 4 separate classes)

Trimester classes 9-12 week groups that are learning or hands-on oriented on a variety of subjects.

Life Groupsmight be church based, home based, or location (neighborhood) based. They might be geared for a mission or a stage of life. Each group is unique.  

Start a group
If you want to reach or join with some friends and are willing to host… you can do it! We’ll help you get started and encourage you along the way.
If you have questions, contact the church or Pastor Tim