If you are looking to visit JFM – awesome!
People visit a church for a variety of reasons. And we get it… it can feel weird to visit a church you aren’t familiar with. So here’s a glimpse into what to expect.
We want you to be comfortable. Comfortable and casual are good words to describe us. Whether you are attending a service, an event, or a group… be comfortable. No one has to impress anyone else or worry about stares.
If you wander in and aren’t sure where to go or what to do, just ask. We want you to! As for what people wear – there might be a few who dress up, others might wear shorts… no one is taking notes of what others wear. Comfortable and casual.  If there is one guiding principle, it would be simply to use common sense.
Our 8:30 service is more traditional – the music includes a mix of hymns and choruses. It is held in our long-time sanctuary. It is a simple, down-to-earth, relaxed atmosphere.
Our 9:45 and 11:15 services are quite a bit more contemporary. The music is louder and includes a variety of current worship songs and styles led by a worship band. These services take place in our Ministry Activity Center. (MAC) Again, casual and comfortable is the way to go.
The same message is shared in each service.
JFM is a great bunch. Just everyday people – flaws and all – who want God to work in and through us by his Spirit. Whatever your reason for stopping in at JFM, we want to encourage you in any way we can. Your story, your life, matters. We aim to “love God and love others”… and that really is the beat of our heart. We are all on this journey together – and whether you land at Jackson Free Methodist or elsewhere, we want to cheer you on in your walk with Jesus.